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Online Concert- 2020

25 May 2021


Our first event was our online concert, on July 25th we hosted our online fundraising concert. We invited Vibes FM’s very own Daddy Ernie to be our compare.  FHFJ’s DJ, Peter H helped us organise an amazing line-up of performers who donated their “craft” to entertain our audience. This was a new venture for FHFJ and we are pleased that our members, long-time supporters and new friends logged on and supported us.

We had Text Donate: where we encourage supporters to make a donation on their mobile phones. This can be done anytime to donate £5.00, text FHFJ5 to 70470, to donate £10 text FHFJ10 to 70470. We also had a go fund me page.

We were astonished to raise £1,600 from ticket sales and a further £600 in donations over the period of June-September.