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Other Fundraising Activities in 2020

25 May 2021

In February 2020, our Chair, Lorna Green took part in the Heart Foundation of Jamaica’s 5k sponsor fun run in Kingston, Jamaica. In previous years, she had enlisted family members based in Jamaica to take part in the run, while getting relations in the UK to sponsor her.  Lorna stated that “running through the streets of Kingston was hot-going; the climate was very humid, I ended up walking most of the way; however, I am so glad that I was able take part.”In total, Lorna raised £580 for HFJ.


Along with two other charities, FHFJ were approached by joint council for the welfare of immigrants to assist a young single mother of Jamaican heritage they were working with. They were trying to raise £1,012 to cover the cost of the fees to register her 12-year-old son as a British citizen. As a charity we were not in the position to assist, however, committee members pooled together and were able to contribute £520 towards this appeal. Between the three charities (FHFJ, Association of Jamaicans & the Jamaica Nurses Association) the target amount was raised.