Friends of the Heart Foundation of Jamaica LTD

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About Us

Our Founder and Director Mrs Iris Gordon BH(M) found the inspiration to start the Friends of The Heart Foundation of Jamaica, after her brother Mr Stanley Thomas had a heart attack in Jamaica in 1979.

In 1980 she and her husband convened several meetings with Reverend Graham Hayles and interested members of St. James Church family where they were both active members.

In consultation with her brother the idea of supporting the work of The Heart Foundation of Jamaica was born

The Friends of The heart Foundation of Jamaica started on its long road of achievements. Mrs Gordon sought advice from Brigadier Pelham the then President of the British Heart Foundation, who was very supportive. With help from the late Michael Zadie lawyer and Leroy Reid Chartered Accountant, charity status was achieved in 1984.

Mrs Iris Gordon BH(M) & Mrs Winnie Smikle

Our funds are realised by:

  • Membership fees
  • Donations from friends and supporters
  • Annual Spring Concert at St James’ Church Hall in Streatham
  • Annual Summer Garden Party on St James’ Church Green
  • Annual Autumn Dance at Civic Suite, Wandsworth Town Hall
  • Donations from Churches and Memorial Funds
  • Annual Fundraising Walk (North & East London Branch)
  • Quiz – Cheese & Wine
  • Golf Day
  • Legacies from past members

Vehicles Supplied

  • Sierra Car – 1986
  • Mobile unit – 1996 (fully equipped)
  • Replaced unit – 2006
  • Replaced unit – 2017
  • Mobile unit – 2018
  • Training

    • Information Technology

    Example of equipment sent over the years

    • Stethoscopes
    • Sphygmomanometers
    • Wheelchairs
    • ECG machines
    • Cholesterol testing machines and reagents
    • Medical Supplies ( Glucostix, Dextrostix, Lancets)

    Support to other Charities

    • Chain of Hope
    • Community Based Rehabilitation Jamaica
    • Hurricane Fund
    • Appropriate Needy Causes
    • Haiti Appeal
    • African Famine Appeal
    • Kenyan branch of the world march of women